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The entire Ohio State University community reacted to the outrageous Bradley Smith article which ran in the January 18, 1992 issue of The Ohio State University “Lantern” Student Life Newspaper claiming to offer “proof” that the Holocaust was a hoax. When the Bradley Smith article appeared in the Ohio State University Lantern, The Columbus Bible Students responded with the following full-page paid advertisement.


Cursed Memory

Every American school kid has heard of D-Day — the day when a million Allied soldiers landed on the beaches of Normandy, to kick Hitler out of France. It looks glorious in the movies and newsreels. But it was a terrible and tragic day, when thousands of soldiers lost their lives — many of them before they even stepped ashore. Yet the commanding general, Dwight Eisenhower, did not speak of D-Day as the worst day of the war in the soldiers’ memories. He recalled that his men suffered the most anguish, not when they were under fire and being killed, but when they discovered “the Nazi horror camps”.1


These were no bleeding hearts, the American soldiers who liberated the Nazi death camps. They were tough veterans. Many of them had seen their own buddies blown up in the terrors of combat. But nothing had prepared the soldiers for the horror they saw at Ohrdurf, Nordhausen, Buchenwald, Dachau, or Bergen-Belsen, or any of the HUNDREDS of camps they found.


These men were speechless in the face of this horror. Silent tears and rage, at the people who committed these crimes, were the reaction of our soldiers.2 If there was anti-German feeling after the war, it was not because some imaginary Jewish conspiracy had tricked American soldiers into feeling sorry for them. It was because the Nazis were beasts.


The Greatest Crime in History

It was such a monstrous idea — the destruction of an entire people. Why? Certainly not because they were a threat to the war effort.  Many Jews were loyal subjects, working in weapons factories or making needed materials for the “Fatherland”. It was not because of their politics, because while a few Jews were Communists, most were merchants, traders, commercial workers who contributed to the free enterprise system of Germany. It was not because of their ethnicity, because they had wide differences of speech, dress, and customs. It was not their nationality, they were Germans, French, Poles, Hungarians, Russians, Ital-ians, Ukrainians, etc.


It was not because of their race, they were dark and light, with every kind of facial feature.

The Jews of Europe were not even exterminated because of their religion, many of  those murdered did not practice Judaism. The Nazis killed Jews who had converted to Christianity, as well as some Christians who tried to help the Jews. The Jewish massacre was unique ... it was aimed at a particular family of man — a single blood-line, a single gene pool. It was GENOCIDE.


Yes, Disbelief

Belief can only flow from understanding. And no one can understand the full scope of the Nazi crimes. No one can understand even one baby skewered on a bayonet, let alone the brutal murder of millions.


German and Polish people who daily lived with the stench of burning bodies claim they did not believe it — though it was happening literally “under their noses”. Jews who had heard stories of death camps, did not allow themselves to believe it. Many of them came out of hiding to buy fake title deeds to land in Israel, only to be shipped to the gas chambers instead.  American and British officials did not believe the reports of death camps which began to appear early in the war. Were they willfully ignorant? Very likely, just as the Germans, and the Poles, and the Ukrainians, and the Hungarians were. But remember — there were many influential people, including Christian leaders from several denominations, telling outsiders not to believe the stories they were hearing.3


Even after the war ... after photographs taken by the Nazis had been published in LIFE ... after films of the living dead had been shown in newsreels ... returning American soldiers who were eye witnesses, and who brought home their own snapshots of the camps, were still met by disbelief.4 “No one would do that”.


And so, today, it is understandable that anyone who does not force themselves to confront the overwhelming, horrifying evidence, could not fully BELIEVE the Holocaust took place. People are so accustomed to finding a logical CAUSE behind every action, that they look for a REASON to explain why the Nazis exterminated the Jews. The very magnitude of the Nazi action seems to give credence to their slander of the Jews. Somehow the victim gets blamed for the crime.


Even the eyewitness accounts of Holocaust survivors are very hard to accept at face value. We are used to discounting all extreme statements; we assume these people are exaggerating. But they are NOT. The horror is broader, deeper, and darker than their feeble words could ever make us see.


Outrage is NOT Hate

Evelyn Irons, a French Journalist, who was decorated for courage under fire, interviewed hundreds of camp inmates as the Allied forces moved through Germany. She recalls one emaciated man, hoarse with rage:  “It is too late, they killed my wife and my children, my parents and my sisters.”  Then he wept: “I am a man with nothing to lose. The only thing I have left is my hate.”5


But that poor victim was mistaken. What he felt was not hate. The passion that motivates other Holocaust survivors to keep their memories alive, IS NOT HATE. It is righteous indignation. Anger. Wrath that is appropriate in the aftermath of the most monstrous crime of human history. A legitimate anger that flows from the morality of the people who feel it.


A Remarkable Comeback

How did the Jews handle their anger? Did they spend the next 50 years bombing German factories? No, they reacted with hard work and diligence and created one of the most productive nations on the face of the earth  the State of Israel, born in the ashes of the Holocaust. Despite the fact that Nazi hatred robbed the world of many of its greatest thinkers, artists, musicians, scientists and doctors, those who survived have contributed greatly to the intellectual and moral vitality of the world. Under their leadership, Israel has become the only true democratic state in the Middle East.


Israeli settlers purchased worthless  swamps and deserts, transforming a barren rocky wilderness into rich agricultural land which supplies much of Europe’s citrus fruit from an area the size of New Jersey.  Israeli agriculturalists redefined the science of desert farming. Israeli teaching teams now share this knowledge with “Third World” countries all over the globe.  Israeli scientists have pioneered the medical use of lasers, and are at the forefront of theoretical mathematics.


Jewish scientists are now found at the top ranks of almost every discipline.

How has the world reacted to Israel’s success?  With jealousy, anger and bitterness. Israel has been attacked repeatedly on all sides.  On the day Israel gained its independence, the Arab states, which surrounded Israel declared an all-out war. Outnumbering the poorly equipped Israeli citizen-soldiers 100 to 1, these massive armies attacked on three fronts.  Then in 1967, Israel was again threatened by the Arab world.  Nassar vowed to “drive Israel into the sea” and mobilized along Israel’s borders. This time Israel struck first, and won a decisive victory in six days.  Once again, Israel forgave its enemies and gave back the oil rich Sinai to Egypt.6  Today, we see world leaders demanding that Israel give back still more of their land.   What more will the world ask of Israel.?


What makes Israel special?

God does not play favorites.  He is not a racist. Four thousand years ago, He promised to bless ALL THE FAMILIES OF THE EARTH.  More than that,  He swore He would do so.7


But sooner or later, every human being is going to have to come to grips with the fact that Israel is the nation GOD CHOSE to bless the world.


Israel is my son, my firstborn.”8 “I will give you (Israel) praise, and a name, in every nation where you have been put to shame.”9


"I will bless them that bless you, and curse him that curses you. And in you shall all the families of the earth be blessed.”10


“God has NOT cast away His People.... they are beloved for the Fathers’ sakes.”11

Do Christians need to stop treating Jews like errant children, and recognize that God has not cast away his people?


We think so.


Does the world need to relax its demands, and live with Israel in peace? We think so.

Do all people need to read the promises of Israel’s prophets, to catch a glimpse of the heart of God?  We think so.12


“When the Most High divided to the nations their inheritance, when He separated the sons of Adam, He set the bounds of the people according to the number of the children of Israel.”13



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He Who Forgets the Past is Condemned to Repeat it

Smith:  “...the Nazis also saw them as being an influential force behind international communism.  During the Second World War, Jews were considered to be enemies of the state and a potential danger to the war effort.”


FACT:  Prior to the events of WWII, Germany was required to pay reparations to France, Belgium, and England according to the Treaty of Versailles.  This created national unrest in Germany which, due to economic hardships, escalated during the Great Depression of 1929. 8p 707   This unrest afforded Hitler with the opportunity to gain a political audience and to falsely accuse the Jews of being the source of Germany’s political and economic woes.  Far from being radical communists, the German Jews made up a class of people who were mainly conservative entrepreneurs and small businessmen.


Historically, the Jewish sentiment in Germany reflected a message of devotion and loyal service to Germany.  During the pre-WWI buildup, the German Zionist Weekly stated “recognize that our Jewish interest is exclusively on the side of Germany.” 9p96  Mr. Smith portrays the Jewish population as a threat to the war effort, when in actuality the Nazi party used Jewish assets to fund their war efforts.  All Jewish businesses and assets were seized during the course of the war and in 1923 a collective fine of 1.25 billion dollars was imposed on the Jewish people. 7p44  Far from existing as revolutionaries, the Jews remained conservatively loyal even to their own deaths...


Smith:  “...revisionists deny that the German State had a policy to exterminate the Jewish people (or anyone else) by putting them to death in the gas chambers...”



• Quoting a 1927 Nazi Party Nuremberg Rally Leaflet - “Never forget that our day of reckoning with the Jews will not come about when we have the power of the state in our hands to carry out a thorough annihilation of this international racial parasite.” 10p218

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• A military report from the German Unit Einsatzgruppe A, stationed in occupied Russia, on October 15, 1941, stated “the cleansing operations being carried out by the security police, in accordance with basic instructions, have as their objective the total elimination of the Jews.”10p63

• Figures reported to Heinrich Himmler regarding the execution of non-political persons in the Ukraine and South Russia by the Einsatzgruppe occupational units: Einsatzgruppe A, July 4, 1941- 365,473 killed, Einsatzgruppe C, Dec.  1941 -   95,000 killed, Einsatzgruppe B, Nov. 14, 1941- 45,467 killed, Einsatzgruppe D, April 8, 1942- 92,000 killed 10p63


Smith:  “There was no German policy at any of those camps to deliberately kill the internees. . .no execution gas chambers existed in any camp in Europe which was under German control.”


FACT:  “I have a vivid memory of the gassing of 900 Soviet prisoners of war, this took place shortly afterward in the old crematorium. . .as the Russians were getting out of the train several holes were drilled in the roof of the mortuary of the crematorium.  The Russians undressed in the entrance hall and then filed quietly into the mortuary, having been told that they were to be deloused.  Once they were inside the room, the doors were bolted behind them and the gas was turned on through holes in the roof.  I do not know how long they took dying, but they made quite a din for some time.  As the gas was fed in, some of the prisoners shouted ‘Gas’, which was followed by prolonged shouting and a furious battering on the door, but the door held.  After some hours, the mortuary was opened up and aired.  I have to state quite frankly that I was quite satisfied with the gassing of this convoy, because we had soon to begin with the mass extermination of the Jews and up to that day neither Eichman nor I had any clear idea how to set about the task of mass executions. . . thanks to this experiment we had found both the gas and the method of use.”  Confession of Rudolph Hoess, the Commandant at Auschwitz 7Ap125


Smith:  “During the war, and in the post-war era, Zionist organizations joined with the Allied Governments and became deeply involved in creating and promulgating anti-German hate propaganda.”


FACT:  The true relationship between Zionist organizations and Allied Governments is well documented.  In mid-May 1939, the freighter boat St. Louis carrying 1128 Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi persecutions was turned away from the United States and sent back to Europe where the majority perished under the German reign. 6p230  The Allied powers were well aware of the death camps but refused to bomb the railroad tracks leading to the death camps.  “To the American military effort the Jews represented an unwanted burden.” 11p307  The Allied powers were sympathetic to the Jewish plight, but refused to significantly increase the immigration quotas into their country.


Smith:  “It is certain that if there had been, ‘killing factories’ . . Roosevelt, Eisenhower would have known about it and mentioned it.”


FACT:  Eleanor Roosevelt, Dec. 14, 1943, “... the atrocities have continued and are continuing day by day.  In Poland it is estimated that between 1,500,000 to 2,000,000 Jews have been massacred, starved or worked to death by unspeakable sadistic measures.” 5p165  Of all the distressing memories that will live forever with the American veterans of war, none will be more sharper or enduring than those of the Nazi horror camps.”, Dwight D. Eisenhower 4p441.


Smith:  “Revisionist arguments have never been evaluated or judged by the courts.”


FACT:  A Jan. 6, 1986, Los Angeles Times article states that Mr. Mel Mermelstein sued the Institute for Historical Review of the Holocaust regarding the accuracy of Revisionist dogma stating that the Jews were not gassed to death at Auschwitz.  The article states, “...this case is historically important. . .in that it was the first in which a Nazi death camp survivor successfully sued those who deny that the Holocaust occurred.”  The February  1988 issue of MacLean’s states that in 1985, a Toronto court found Ernst Zundel guilty of disseminating false information with a pamphlet entitled, “Did Six Million Really Die?” 

Smith:  “British historian David Irving . .states that ‘there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz’. . . Fred Leuchter, America’s leading execution expert . . .concludes that no mass gassings ever could have taken place in the so called gas chambers.”


FACT:  The following book reviews of Irving’s book, The Trail of The Fox, aptly describe Irving’s credentials.  “This book is dangerous besides being historically inaccurate.”3  Irving here attempts the seeming impossible, to exonerate Hitler.  Depending heavily on the lack of written commands from Hitler, Irving acquits him of responsibility for the Nazi’s most egregious sins. . .”1  An October 22, 1990 Newsweek article sums up Mr. Leuchter's impeccable engineering credentials, stating that “Leuchter is scheduled to be arraigned on charges of practicing engineering without a license. . .Holocaust survivors complain that Leuchter is passing himself off as a scientist to lend credibility to his revisionist views of World War II.  Leuchter has a B.A. in History.”


Smith:  “Holocaust historians depend increasingly on ‘eyewitnesses’ to support their theories.  Many of these testimonies are ludicrously unreliable.”


FACT:  Eyewitness testimony is the single most credible tool our courts hold to administer justice.  The concept of a jury of the people, deciphering between false and true witnesses, is at the foundation of most of the world’s legal systems for one reason --it works.  Most people are poor liars.  The legal provisions of discovery and cross-examination allow the legal system to separate true testimony from false.  Granted, the system does not work perfectly and a few false witnesses are credited as being truthful.  But not thousands!  With a brief wave of his casual hand, Mr. Smith has brushed aside the detailed accounts of thousands upon thousands of vivid, dramatic, and truthful accounts.  The Nuremberg Trials alone consisted of 403 public hearings in which eyewitness testimony was used as the main source of information.  Perhaps the need for truth is best summed up in the following statement issued at the Nuremberg Trials.  “We are here to define a standard which in the future can properly be applied to men and officials of every state.  Any other approach would make a mockery of law and result in wrongs as serious as those which were sought to be remedied.”2 Is there no standard for truth?



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