Bible Student Booklets

Time to Favor Zion is Come
The Israeli-Arab Peace Process and Bible Prophecy
Israel, A Nation of Miracles
Bible Students Early Christian Advocates of Zionism (.pdf)

Bible Student Writings

Ezekiel in Brief
Israel and the Land
Israel and the Middle East
The Book of Hosea
The Burden of Dumah
The Fall and Rise of Many in Israel
The Skirt of a Jew
The Time of Jacob's Trouble
The Value of Time Prophecy
Reply from the Thought Police

Historical Documents

Declaration of Israel's Independence
The Palestinian Mandate
The Balfour Declaration
The Palestinian Charter
The Washington Declaration
New York Post article 8/26/1948
1897 Zionist Declaration

Other Documents of Interest

References to Jews in the Koran
Twenty Facts about Israel and the Middle East
Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict, A Brief Guide for the Perplexed

News Articles

Anti-Semitism Abides
Israel Has Abandoned Oslo Messianism
The Canary In Europe’s Mine
The Message in Arafat's Headdress
The Prerequisite to Peace
After the Inevitable
Crazy Policies

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